Letter from the president

It is with a lot of enthusiasm and pride that I pursue the vision set by my predecessors to achieve the goals of the foundation.

I grew up immersed in the family corporate culture advocated by my father Joe Saradar. Influenced by his ethics, professionalism and humanism, I have decided to carry on the family tradition. I am determined to devote my efforts to perpetuate the principles and values of Fondation Saradar.

The mission of the foundation has evolved through the years. Fondation Saradar has expanded its field of action. It is more dedicated to supporting Lebanese talents in the art, culture, and sports fields.

Through our various programs, we hope to consolidate knowledge and capacities, widening the opportunities of the young generation, thus contributing to sustainable human development in our country.

Maria Saradar

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Supporting promising Lebanese athletes
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Latest Initiative

After 3 years of concept creation and development, Fondation Saradar will soon launch a new educational project. More to come.

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