e-Literacy Programme e-Literacy Programme

Computer literacy is instrumental in any capacity-building activity. e-knowledge and skills are fundamental to achieve and sustain development.

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Training LocationsTraining Locations

Three caravans were roaming the country targeting the highest number possible of towns and villages to spread e-literacy in disadvantaged regions.

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Saradar IT Programme®Saradar IT Programme®

The 'Saradar IT Programme®' was the first caravan to offer the opportunity to disadvantaged people to become employable linking training to job creation.

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E-Caravan Phoenix®E-Caravan Phoenix®

UNESCWA & Fondation Saradar initiated the E-Caravan Project to promote IT education and combat illiteracy and unemployment in South Lebanon.

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CADMUS Caravan®CADMUS Caravan®

The sollicitation by some municipalities in the Bekaa Valley promted Fondation Saradar to launch the 'Cadmus Caravan®' to address local needs in e-literacy.

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'e-ecoeducation®' combines advocacy and training to develop environmental preservation knowledge and skills to reach an ecologically sustainable society.

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In the press

Find about Fondation Saradar’s latest events and projects in the press.

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Our Latest Events

This year is particularly rich in events. Fondation Saradar is very proud to have participated this April in the world’s first major museum exhibition of Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair at Tate Modern London; to have engaged in two Beirut-based projects: ‘Video Vintage’ at the Beirut Art Center and ‘Ashkal Alwan Home Works 6’, and supported two outstanding sports initiatives.

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