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Letter from the President

It is with a lot of enthusiasm and pride that I pursue the vision set by my predecessors to achieve the goals of the foundation.
I grew up immersed in the family corporate culture advocated by my father Joe Saradar. Influenced by his ethics, professionalism and humanism, I have decided to carry on the family tradition.

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Fondation Saradar is managed by a General Assembly of eight persons who define the strategy and set the priorities of the organization.
An Executive Committee, elected for a three-year mandate, oversees the management of the foundation and meets on monthly basis to discuss ongoing issues and resources.

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Our News

This fall Fondation Saradar will be launching an unprecedented educational project.

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In the Media

Fondation Saradar believes in the active role of the media in promoting civil society issues and concerns. Only a close collaboration can lead to much needed changes and to the advancement of our society.

A Successful Story

Three caravans roamed the country, the ‘Saradar IT Programme®’, the ‘E-Caravan® Phoenix’, the ‘Cadmus Caravan®’ and the ‘e-ecoeducation®’.

Learning and training activities delivered through Fondation Saradar Mobile Computer Schools® include:

  • A gender perspective
  • Physically disabled persons
  • The visually impaired
  • Marginalized social categories


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